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Carpet Repair /Stretching

  • Do you have damaged or older carpeting in need of repair? If so, A Better Carpet & Floor Service, can provide you with high quality repair services at reasonable prices. When combined with our professional cleaning services, our carpet repair can bring renewed life to aging carpet while saving you money.
  • Our repair service technicians will examine your carpeting for split seams, burns, tears, waves, ripples, permanent stains. We’ll recommend and implement effective repairs. Many of our customers have found that our carpet repair services can actually delay the major expense of carpet replacement for a much longer period.
  • If your carpeting suffers from annoying or unsightly waves or ripples, our stretching services can help restore your carpets original look while preventing accidental damage or wear on your carpet.
  • Give your carpet extended life! Don’t let unsightly carpet areas ruin the appearance of your home! A Better Carpet & Floor Service offers the following repair services:


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