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Water Damage

When the unexpected happens...

Water is essential to our lives in many ways but when torrential rains, leaky roofs, overflowing bath tubs and toilets, frozen water pipes, faulty or damaged plumbing, defective appliances or fixtures cause water damage – water becomes the enemy.

What happens to carpeting when subject to water damage conditions? If excess water is not removed with 24 hours carpeting will begin a process called delamination (carpet backing begins to break down, resulting in the two layers separating), making it difficult if not impossible to reinstall. In such cases the cost of the treatment is increased by the carpet having to be replaced. If water is left standing, or even if the carpet is damp, bacteria and mold will set in quickly causing a health hazard.


  • 24 Hour Service
  • Carpet Drying In Place or Removal- Air Movers, Dehumidifiers
  • Disinfection and Odor Control, 
  • Pad Removal and Disposal
  • Relaying Carpet & Pad Replacement
  • Carpet Cleaning and Repair